Cinema Attendance Statistics

Since 2007, the agency Pirmā Līnija has been summarising multi-hall cinema attendance statistics in electronic databases which record all movie titles that had been shown in the particular multiplex and weekly attendance for each movie during the entire period of its demonstration. For additional information, the start date of the performance and movie genre are marked.

The accumulated data range of cinema attendance allows further statistical calculations – the common indicators for the number of movie spectators of a particular movie per week, month, year; the average indicators of cinema attendance per week, month, season and average indicators for certain movie genres. The weekly record keeping of visitors for each screened movie provides an opportunity to calculate the percentage decrease in the number of spectators, beginning from the week of premiere and up to the last demonstration week.

Our unique accumulated information format is used for the development of statistically proven cinema advertising campaign plans. Currently, the data range of cinema attendance available to Pirmā Līnija is the only information source in Latvia that allows reliable prediction of the number of potential movie spectators in specific cinemas during the respective season, demonstration week, etc.